A Little Introduction!


Hi there! So glad you decided to join me on my blog! My name is Sydney and I am currently a graduate student at NC State University working on my Master’s degree in Elementary Education. I work full-time as a Teacher Assistant in a Kindergarten classroom and love every second of it! There is nothing more gratifying than helping to build the foundation that 24 little kindergarteners will use for the rest of their educational careers!  On top of all that, I am planning a wedding happening next May! Stephen and I have been together since high school and he served me with the surprise of my life last June when he proposed in my favorite place ever — downtown Raleigh! Stephen graduated a semester early from NC State in December 2015 (just like me!) and is now going into his second year at UNC Law School.  So far life with a fiancé in law school has been a wild ride — only made all the more complicated by me working 40 hours a week and going to school at night! Needless to say it has been quite an adjustment for us, but with a little effort (and a lot of prayer), we are learning to make it work!

Believe it or not, wedding planning has provided the perfect escape for me from all my schoolwork (and gives me something to do while Stephen spends hours upon hours at the library!).  Wedding talk is my favorite and anyone who has asked me how it’s going knows that I can’t just say “It’s going well,” because I just have to launch into detail about the latest developments and what’s new in my wedding plans! I have also had the pleasure of being involved in two of my friends’ weddings (one that just passed last Saturday and one that is in October!) and have loved comparing notes with them, talking about our different wedding styles, and getting tips and tricks as well as sharing them! After sharing so many wedding plans with friends and family all the time, I figured starting a blog to document the process would be a great idea for anyone who wanted to follow along!

If you’re interested in seeing how our wedding progresses, I would love to see your name pop up on my Instagram (@sydneybaysden)! I can’t wait to share more with you on budgeting, timelines, bridal parties, decorations, keeping your wedding true to yourself, remaining focused on Christ through all the craziness, and so much more!

Thanks for stopping by!



all photos in this post by krista with six foot photography

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