June Goals

Happy June, y’all! I can’t believe it is already summer! Where has 2017 gone?? I have found that with as crazy as life gets, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and before you know it, six months have passed and you haven’t stopped to look up once! I’ve decided that I want to be much more active in setting short-term goals each month in hopes of looking back on the year in December and being proud of all that I’ve accomplished!

Here’s what’s on the agenda for June:

I am making sure to include a combination of easier and more challenging goals! I think it’s important to set a few goals for yourself that you know you can achieve; it’s easier to hold yourself accountable for them and helps get the momentum going for the more challenging goals.  For me, the most challenging goals are going to be going to the gym at least three times a week and reading a book for fun! I am always so tired when I get home from work (chasing five year-olds around all day is mighty exhausting!) that a lot of times I just want to eat a snack and take a nap! I hate working out with a passion but am hoping a regular workout plan will start increasing my energy levels, plus keeping yourself tied to a regular routine is never a bad thing! Not to mention the fact that I go in for my first wedding dress fitting in a month (!!!) and need to start thinking about fitting into my dress! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!


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