Bridal Party: To Mix or To Match?

Bridesmaid dress shopping: lots of fun to some, a dreaded task to others.  When I started planning my wedding, I honestly had no idea what I wanted my bridesmaids to wear, but the OCD in me had me leaning towards matching bridesmaid dresses.  I love the connected and cohesive look of matching bridesmaid dresses and they photograph so well!

While I was leaning towards the idea of matching dresses, I had no idea what color or style dress I wanted my bridesmaids to wear.  I absolutely knew I wanted a somewhat unique color (in my years of wedding obsession I have seen about a gazillion blush/navy bridesmaid dresses) and that I wanted to utilize a store or website that had dresses for reasonable prices.  I am very aware of how expensive it can be to be a bridesmaid and didn’t want their dresses to cost an arm and a leg!

In my hours upon hours of research and Pinterest-ing, I came across this photo on Style Me Pretty:

bridesmaid dresses

I LOVED the way the white flowers looked against the icy blue dresses and I thought the light color of the dresses was so unique! Something else I noticed and loved about this photo was the fact that the bridesmaid dresses were different styles but the same color.

This color dress proved to be difficult to find! Once I decided on it officially, I was adamant about the exact shade of blue used — not Carolina blue, not Tiffany blue, and it needed to have an almost grey tint to it.  I came across a website called Azazie which not only had this exact color of dress (confirmed when I ordered my free swatch!), but also had about a million dress styles available! Plus, these dresses are not ridiculously expensive.

Seeing just how many styles of dresses the website had available had me leaning more towards letting the bridesmaids choose their own styles simply because I was so overwhelmed at all the options!

The cool thing about Azazie is that it has a unique feature where you can pay $10 and they will send you a sample of any dress style to try on!  Both of my sisters took advantage of this and tried samples of dresses at home.  When they tried their dresses on, I immediately knew I was going to let all my bridesmaids choose their own styles.  Both of my sisters chose totally different styles of dresses, but when they tried them on they were absolutely glowing.  They had both chosen dresses they felt perfectly suited their body types and so they were 100% comfortable in the dresses.  It was when I saw them twirling about in front of the mirror that I realized how important their confidence was to me.  I want them to feel pretty on my wedding day too! Everyone has more fun when they are feeling good about themselves, and I swear you can just tell when a bridesmaid is feeling good as she walks down the aisle!  I decided letting the bridesmaids choose their own dress style would be the best way to help them feel their best!

Once again my mind was totally changed about what I wanted for another aspect of my wedding.  Whether you have matching dresses or mismatched dresses is totally up to you, but keep an open mind and talk about it with your bridesmaids! You certainly don’t want to compromise on your vision if you’ve got one, but you also want your bridesmaids to be comfortable on your wedding day!

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