All You Need Is Love..And Cake

I will admit that I totally underestimated just how amazing cake tasting would be/how important our wedding cake is!  Don’t get me wrong, I love cake, but there are just so many other aspects of wedding planning to get to that it wasn’t very high on my priority list.  I also was totally not picky about what the cake looked like! I knew I wanted a round tiered cake with textured buttercream icing…that was about it.  We had even thought about just purchasing our wedding cake from Publix or Whole Foods, but on a whim I started researching bakeries near our wedding venue, and boy am I glad I did! I came across Maxie B’s, a bakery in Greensboro that had amazing reviews everywhere I looked and decided I would have to check them out.  When I contacted them for the first time they immediately got back to me to set up a tasting and were so friendly.  I just had an all-around good feeling about them so we scheduled our consultation for a time when we would be in Greensboro doing wedding-related things anyway.

When we walked into the bakery for our appointment, we entered a quaint little cafe with a case of cupcakes and five or six small tables scattered about.  We told the girl working the register that we were there for a cake tasting appointment and she instructed us to follow her through a curtain into the back.  She held the curtain open for us and the space opened up into a light and bright lounge area with modern chandeliers, plush furniture, and modern decor.  It was SO cool! We sat at a large dining room table in tufted beige chairs (I will seriously be using this area as inspiration for my future home decor!) and our appointment began.


Our consultant was able to take my super-vague vision based on these few photos and bring to life a gorgeous cake design that I think is going to bring such a wow-factor at my wedding! She perfectly combined all my favorite aspects of these cakes into one design!

HOW cute are the swiss dots on the middle tier?? I’m obsessed!

After the design discussion, it was time for the actual cake tasting (insert a million heart eye emojis here) and y’all, I thought I had eaten cake before, but nothing I have EVER had compares to what I ate in that bakery.  Cake immediately shot up to the top of my priority list after taking one bite! I am determined that eating a piece of cake is going to be as important as dancing for my guests’ wedding reception experience! Seriously, I can not even explain to y’all how amazing those slices of cake were (all of them!).


We got to try 8-10 flavors (picking which ones we wanted was the hardest part) and selected devil’s food, pumpkin chocolate chip, mocha, chocolate with cream cheese icing, birthday cake, pound cake, strawberry, and lemon almond.

When I say the devil’s food cake was the most wonderful thing I have ever eaten in my entire LIFE, I promise I am not exaggerating.  Seriously, imagine your all time favorite cake and multiply it times 100 — THAT is how good it is.

Stephen’s favorite was the mocha flavor, so we picked that, the devil’s food, and the birthday cake (for cutting since I didn’t want to risk getting chocolate on my dress in the event of cake smashing!).  I cannot WAIT for my guests to try our cake! I am confident that no matter what flavor of the three they get, they will LOVE their slice!

I seriously can’t recommend Maxie B’s enough! They are officially one of my favorite vendors that I’ve booked!

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