Gents’ Attire

Believe it or not, I have loved coming up with groomsmen attire ideas almost as much as I have loved coming up with my bridesmaid looks! Fortunately Stephen and I are totally on the same page and had both decided on the same general look for the groomsmen before even discussing it with each other!  Stephen has always been fairly partial to the color gray when it comes to suits and I think that a light gray suit is going to look SO good with the icy blue bridesmaid dresses and the green look of our venue.

We are going to have a little bit of fun with the groomsmen attire and make each outfit unique while still keeping it subtle and classy! Groomsmen will be wearing brown dress shoes and dark gray seersucker bow ties from High Cotton (it’s not a Southern wedding without seersucker after all!) and will wear collegiate socks from their alma mater (that’s three pairs of NC State socks and two pairs of UNC socks!).  Stephen will be wearing an NC State bow tie and UNC socks (his undergraduate degree is from NC State and his law degree will be from UNC).

We are making such an effort to keep our wedding completely true to ourselves! We are so proud of our schools and I think this is an awesome way to incorporate that pride into our wedding! Plus it gives the groomsmen an opportunity to express themselves as individuals even though they will all be dressed the same.

I am super close with all of Stephen’s groomsman and while I trust Stephen with a lot of things, his ability to dress himself and five other guys for a wedding is not one of them, so I am looking forward to going suit shopping with all of them sometime soon! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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