10 Fun Facts About Me & Stephen

Happy Friday!  As of today I am tracked out for the next three weeks which makes me one happy student teacher!  I don’t have many wedding updates to share (though I did order my bouquet for my bridal portraits!), so I figured I’d do something fun instead!  Here are ten things you may not know about me and Stephen:

  1. Our favorite thing to do together (and the thing we have missed the very most by saving for a wedding) is going out to eat! We love trying new places and becoming regulars at our favorites.  Eating out is seriously OUR LIFE so I can’t wait to start doing it again regularly after the wedding is paid for!
  2. Our second favorite thing to do is go on adventures of any magnitude.  Our first summer together (back in 2012!) was full of adventures ranging from going to Sunni Skies Ice Cream in Angier late at night to going to Disney World! Since then we’ve made a point to stay adventurous and plan on going on our biggest adventure yet when we go on a delayed extended honeymoon after Stephen takes the NC Bar!  We have plans to explore different destinations in Europe and Greece and we can’t wait!202519_10151123984239884_227798032_o
  3. We get mistaken for twins…a lot.  We’ve chosen not to delve into any deeper meanings behind why we’ve ended up with partners that apparently look exactly like ourselves (lol) but I personally see zero resemblance! We surely are amused when we get asked if we’re twins after holding hands or kissing in public!IMG_7766
  4. Children won’t be on our radar for a few more years (we have too many adventures to go on first!), but we already have all our kids’ (first and middle) names picked out! They are all family names with the exception of one from one of my favorite pieces of literature and are all unisex as we plan to keep the genders a surprise when that time comes! We will also be keeping the names a secret (even from our families) until they are born!
  5. We are both OBSESSED with spicy food.  Obsessed. We tend to find the spiciest thing on the menu when we go out to eat and always ask them to make it even spicier…then we are almost always disappointed when it isn’t spicy enough! Stephen’s dad’s hot sauce company has been amazing because we finally have a hot sauce that is spicy enough for us! We put it on pretty much everything.
  6. Before I met Stephen I had never left the Carolina’s! I was so lucky his parents were willing to take me to Daytona Beach back in the summer of 2012 and we haven’t really stopped traveling since! We’ve been to California, Florida multiple times, Indianapolis, New York, and so many more places! I love that Stephen’s traveling heart loves to wander as much as mine!
  7. We are both total nerds at heart! We both love to read and I love to write and I think if it didn’t cost money we would both take classes for the rest of our lives! We love to be educated and have intellectual conversations about pretty much everything under the sun.  We aren’t afraid to disagree with each other and I think that’s a good thing! We are constantly challenging each other to stretch ourselves to learn more and assume less!  On the same note, we are total Star Wars geeks! Ask me any Star Wars question and I can assure you I will answer it correctly!
  8. Speaking of which…I have officially brought Stephen to the dark side — he is 100% a cat person because of me!  While we both still love dogs, I don’t think we’ll ever feel as passionately about them as we do cats.  We found our cat Myrtle under a bush at Stephen’s grandparents’ house in Vanceboro, brought her home, and our lives have never been the same since!  She and her brother Mac are our lives!
  9. Our hearts always have and always will reside in Raleigh.  There’s a reason Stephen decided to propose to me with the Raleigh skyline in the background and that it’s also featured on our guestbook alternative!  Raleigh is home to some of our most cherished memories and we fell in love with it and each other simultaneously during our first few years there!   It houses our favorite restaurants, shops, and places to walk around (hello, NC State campus!).  A lot of things are changing in the next year or so as Stephen interviews for jobs, but I pray that we can end up back in Raleigh some day and raise our children in the same amazing city we fell in love with!
  10. Despite our many shared physical features, Stephen and I are total opposites in about a million ways. Our personalities could not be more different – Stephen is very quiet and reserved and I tend to be a little more lively and vivacious (or ‘crazy’ as Stephen likes to call it🤷🏼‍♀️). He loves social events (good thing he’s the attorney!) while I am more of a homebody. He likes to go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour while I am always up until all hours of the night. I am more creative while Stephen is more practical. Stephen focuses on the big picture while I become obsessed with tiny details. I could probably go on about how different we are for days, but somehow it works and it works beautifully! I think our relationship is the perfect example of balance, which I think is so important not only in relationships but also in life! And I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 I seriously couldn’t imagine a better partner to walk through life with and I feel so blessed it’s Stephen!

    Photo courtesy of Six Foot Photography❤️

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