Life Update + 2018 Goals

Haaaaappy January and happy snow day!  I have been snuggled up on the couch in my pajamas all day with a glass of chocolate milk in my favorite mug (pretending to be a grown up with this mug but I hate hot drinks!) lesson planning, wedding planning, and watching Netflix and loving every second of it.

Can you believe it is 2018?! And you know what that means – IT’S WEDDING YEAR!  When Stephen and I first got engaged, 2018 seemed like a million years away, yet here we are and it feels like no time has passed at all.  I have a feeling 2018 is going to be a BIG year, and not just because I’m getting a husband (though that will be a huge part of it!).

There have already been some big changes in the works that I wanted to fill everyone in on!

First of all, I GOT A JOB! How fitting that my last post was about sitting back and letting my plan run its own course and then literally the next day I was offered my dream job – lesson learned!  I will be starting my job as Highcroft Drive Elementary School’s newest 2nd Grade teacher on January 22nd.  While I am heartbroken about leaving all my nearest and dearest friends at Alston Ridge, I know that we are given life in seasons, and while one of the greatest, Alston Ridge was but a season in my own life — a season that I will look back on fondly for the rest of my life and that will follow me forever with the lasting friendships I gained in my time there.  2nd Grade has always been my end-goal, so this job feels like a huge accomplishment to me!  I can’t wait to dive right into the 2nd Grade team at Highcroft!

On a less-but-increasingly-more-definite note, Stephen has become aware of some internship and externship prospects that are making it more and more likely that he will have to move to another state for a period of time — when, where, and for how long is very much up in the air (but that’s what keeps life interesting!), but there is a real chance that a portion of our first year of marriage is going to be long-distance!  Stephen and I have never had a long-distance relationship before so it will be interesting and challenging, of course, but life with Stephen has always been an adventure and we are totally up for it!

We have our first travel plans of 2018! I splurged on two tickets to the Eagles concert so in March we’ll be road tripping to Tennessee to see my very favorite band in concert! We’re not sure yet if Stephen will be able to go so it may just be me and my sister but either way I am SO excited! Fun fact – the day after I splurged on these concert tickets the Eagles announced concert dates here in Raleigh, but at least this way it’s more adventurous!  Of course we’ll be heading to Charleston throughout the year (we really try to go every 3-4 months), and we are hoping to add at least a couple other stops to our itinerary for the year as well, but with Stephen’s crazy schedule you just really never know, but traveling (cheaply) is definitely on our priority list.  Of course, if he moves out of state, that will open up a whole new set of adventures for us to go on…

New Year, New Goals

2017 was a year full of goals — some achieved, some not, but setting goals throughout the year has led to me coming closer to achieving my best self, and what more can you really ask for?

With that being said, I’ve started thinking about my goals for 2018! Here are just a few of the biggies:

  • Stop comparing myself to others
  • Pay off remaining wedding vendors (oh, boy)
  • Make more time to build on and harvest friendships (old and new)
  • Read more
  • Prioritize my marriage above everything else
  • Save more
  • Show my whole family how much I appreciate them more
  • Travel
  • Work on my fitness
  • Be more present in my own life

That list is definitely going to stretch and mold and change probably before the month is even over, but it is definitely a start!

I am so ready to get started on my goals for 2018!

Thanks for stopping by!