Gents’ Attire

Believe it or not, I have loved coming up with groomsmen attire ideas almost as much as I have loved coming up with my bridesmaid looks! Fortunately Stephen and I are totally on the same page and had both decided on the same general look for the groomsmen before even discussing it with each other!  Stephen has always been fairly partial to the color gray when it comes to suits and I think that a light gray suit is going to look SO good with the icy blue bridesmaid dresses and the green look of our venue.

We are going to have a little bit of fun with the groomsmen attire and make each outfit unique while still keeping it subtle and classy! Groomsmen will be wearing brown dress shoes and dark gray seersucker bow ties from High Cotton (it’s not a Southern wedding without seersucker after all!) and will wear collegiate socks from their alma mater (that’s three pairs of NC State socks and two pairs of UNC socks!).  Stephen will be wearing an NC State bow tie and UNC socks (his undergraduate degree is from NC State and his law degree will be from UNC).

We are making such an effort to keep our wedding completely true to ourselves! We are so proud of our schools and I think this is an awesome way to incorporate that pride into our wedding! Plus it gives the groomsmen an opportunity to express themselves as individuals even though they will all be dressed the same.

I am super close with all of Stephen’s groomsman and while I trust Stephen with a lot of things, his ability to dress himself and five other guys for a wedding is not one of them, so I am looking forward to going suit shopping with all of them sometime soon! 🙂

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All You Need Is Love..And Cake

I will admit that I totally underestimated just how amazing cake tasting would be/how important our wedding cake is!  Don’t get me wrong, I love cake, but there are just so many other aspects of wedding planning to get to that it wasn’t very high on my priority list.  I also was totally not picky about what the cake looked like! I knew I wanted a round tiered cake with textured buttercream icing…that was about it.  We had even thought about just purchasing our wedding cake from Publix or Whole Foods, but on a whim I started researching bakeries near our wedding venue, and boy am I glad I did! I came across Maxie B’s, a bakery in Greensboro that had amazing reviews everywhere I looked and decided I would have to check them out.  When I contacted them for the first time they immediately got back to me to set up a tasting and were so friendly.  I just had an all-around good feeling about them so we scheduled our consultation for a time when we would be in Greensboro doing wedding-related things anyway.

When we walked into the bakery for our appointment, we entered a quaint little cafe with a case of cupcakes and five or six small tables scattered about.  We told the girl working the register that we were there for a cake tasting appointment and she instructed us to follow her through a curtain into the back.  She held the curtain open for us and the space opened up into a light and bright lounge area with modern chandeliers, plush furniture, and modern decor.  It was SO cool! We sat at a large dining room table in tufted beige chairs (I will seriously be using this area as inspiration for my future home decor!) and our appointment began.


Our consultant was able to take my super-vague vision based on these few photos and bring to life a gorgeous cake design that I think is going to bring such a wow-factor at my wedding! She perfectly combined all my favorite aspects of these cakes into one design!

HOW cute are the swiss dots on the middle tier?? I’m obsessed!

After the design discussion, it was time for the actual cake tasting (insert a million heart eye emojis here) and y’all, I thought I had eaten cake before, but nothing I have EVER had compares to what I ate in that bakery.  Cake immediately shot up to the top of my priority list after taking one bite! I am determined that eating a piece of cake is going to be as important as dancing for my guests’ wedding reception experience! Seriously, I can not even explain to y’all how amazing those slices of cake were (all of them!).


We got to try 8-10 flavors (picking which ones we wanted was the hardest part) and selected devil’s food, pumpkin chocolate chip, mocha, chocolate with cream cheese icing, birthday cake, pound cake, strawberry, and lemon almond.

When I say the devil’s food cake was the most wonderful thing I have ever eaten in my entire LIFE, I promise I am not exaggerating.  Seriously, imagine your all time favorite cake and multiply it times 100 — THAT is how good it is.

Stephen’s favorite was the mocha flavor, so we picked that, the devil’s food, and the birthday cake (for cutting since I didn’t want to risk getting chocolate on my dress in the event of cake smashing!).  I cannot WAIT for my guests to try our cake! I am confident that no matter what flavor of the three they get, they will LOVE their slice!

I seriously can’t recommend Maxie B’s enough! They are officially one of my favorite vendors that I’ve booked!

‘Proposing’ to my Bridesmaids

Asking my bridesmaids to stand next to me on my wedding day was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning by far! I love surprises and giving gifts and so I was able to do both of those things when I ‘proposed’ to my bridesmaids!  I am so blessed to have five awesome ladies in my life who I can count on to be genuinely happy for me and support me on my big day! Our wedding is going to be fairly small and intimate anyway, so five bridesmaids and groomsmen seemed like a perfect number to us!

All five of my bridesmaids are so very very special to me and I figured it was the least I could do to show them how much I appreciate them, so I got them all gift boxes filled with goodies like BabyLips lip balm, monogrammed coozies, face masks, etc.!  Each box was from Etsy and was tied with white ribbon and had a custom sticker with our wedding date and  “Will you be my bridesmaid?” written on it.  Etsy was totally my go-to resource for these boxes! There is so much cute stuff on there and the sellers get really creative with personalizations for things like this.


The box also included Bride Tribe stadium cupsWedding Cake-scented candles (these are seriously amazing and I want them in my house!), custom hair-ties, and of course these things were all pink and white and the theme was tied together with pink tissue paper!  I also made sure to include a swatch of the bridesmaid dress color and name so that each girl would have one for reference.

Thank goodness for a creative MOH who can style these things for pretty pictures!
I am also putting together the gifts for my bridesmaids that they will be receiving on my wedding day! As for those gifts, I want them to remain a surprise, but I can share that they will be getting something to get ready in and something to wear in the wedding! My MOH got married a couple of weeks ago and we got the cutest gifts ever! She gave us white t-shirts with our titles on them, seersucker pajama shorts (also with our monogram!), white monogrammed button-up shirts, pink bow slippers, Kendra Scott earrings, and gold flip flops to change into for dancing at the wedding! All our gifts were so adorable and we all felt so appreciated and special as bridesmaids that day! Plus they made for the sweetest photos!

Keep in mind that if you’re on a tighter budget there is nothing wrong with a sweet card and a note as you ask your friends to be bridesmaids, and if you wanted to wait and give your bridesmaids their gifts on your actual wedding day, that’s totally fine too!

Remember, when it comes to your bridesmaids, they are there for YOU! They are going to be so flattered you asked them to be bridesmaids that they truly won’t care if you give them a gift or not.   Fun gifts and trinkets may make for awesome photo opportunities, but never lose sight of the true reason for why you are doing what you’re doing! Don’t let your most important friendships in one of the most important seasons of your life be negatively affected by the notion that you have to live up to the “Instagram standard” of being a bride!  The most important thing is that you have fun with it, no matter what you do!

I’ll be doing ‘Meet the Maids’ posts later on, and I can’t wait for you to meet all my special ladies! 🙂 

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Flower Inspiration

I am super excited to start thinking more seriously about my wedding day flowers now that I’ve officially booked my florist! I picked my flower color scheme the same day I picked my bridesmaid dress color.  It was a quick decision and I haven’t had a second thought since! Like my taste in many other things in my life, my color scheme for my flowers is simple.  My wedding flowers will consist of whites, creams, and ivories, feature lots of greenery (especially silver dollar eucalyptus!), and have a natural, unstructured look to them.  The greenery is just as important to me as the flowers are! The backdrop of the ceremony is so pretty and organic that I think lots and lots of greenery is going to translate so nicely into our wedding decor.





I LOVE the look of these boutonnieres! I think the green and white will look so good against the guys’ suits! (Images are all from Pinterest!)

It’s a good thing I am getting married in the spring because that is when all my favorite flowers are in season! Must-have flowers include:

  • Spray roses
  • Ranunculus
  • Calla Lilies
  • Magnolias
  • Dogwood (gotta have that NC charm in there!)

Thank you Southern Weddings Joyful Planner for this cheat sheet on flowers!

flower page

I have to take a moment to brag on my florist! I swear he is psychic! Before we had even talked to him, he put together and brought us a bouquet of flowers that he thought would suit my vision just having heard about us through our venue! It’s exactly what I had in mind! I can’t wait to see what he does with the rest of our flowers on our wedding day!

florist bouquet
Fun Fact: Stephen with Always & Forever florist (who put this bouquet together!) was the 2015 NCSFA Florist of the Year!

Also, I’m looking for suggestions on how to decorate the stairs at our venue! The stairs serve as the first half of my ‘aisle’ so they are really going to be a focal point of our ceremony!

Here’s a picture of the stairs undecorated:


I think they are a really unique aspect of my venue but also have no idea what to do with them! Any and all suggestions are appreciated! 🙂

We haven’t made any official purchases or commitments in terms of flowers yet, but they get super expensive so we are definitely going to have to get creative with how we go about executing our vision. I’ll be sure to post how we get it all done a little later!

Thanks so much for stopping by and seriously, feel free to share with me any suggestions about the stairs!



Bridal Party: To Mix or To Match?

Bridesmaid dress shopping: lots of fun to some, a dreaded task to others.  When I started planning my wedding, I honestly had no idea what I wanted my bridesmaids to wear, but the OCD in me had me leaning towards matching bridesmaid dresses.  I love the connected and cohesive look of matching bridesmaid dresses and they photograph so well!

While I was leaning towards the idea of matching dresses, I had no idea what color or style dress I wanted my bridesmaids to wear.  I absolutely knew I wanted a somewhat unique color (in my years of wedding obsession I have seen about a gazillion blush/navy bridesmaid dresses) and that I wanted to utilize a store or website that had dresses for reasonable prices.  I am very aware of how expensive it can be to be a bridesmaid and didn’t want their dresses to cost an arm and a leg!

In my hours upon hours of research and Pinterest-ing, I came across this photo on Style Me Pretty:

bridesmaid dresses

I LOVED the way the white flowers looked against the icy blue dresses and I thought the light color of the dresses was so unique! Something else I noticed and loved about this photo was the fact that the bridesmaid dresses were different styles but the same color.

This color dress proved to be difficult to find! Once I decided on it officially, I was adamant about the exact shade of blue used — not Carolina blue, not Tiffany blue, and it needed to have an almost grey tint to it.  I came across a website called Azazie which not only had this exact color of dress (confirmed when I ordered my free swatch!), but also had about a million dress styles available! Plus, these dresses are not ridiculously expensive.

Seeing just how many styles of dresses the website had available had me leaning more towards letting the bridesmaids choose their own styles simply because I was so overwhelmed at all the options!

The cool thing about Azazie is that it has a unique feature where you can pay $10 and they will send you a sample of any dress style to try on!  Both of my sisters took advantage of this and tried samples of dresses at home.  When they tried their dresses on, I immediately knew I was going to let all my bridesmaids choose their own styles.  Both of my sisters chose totally different styles of dresses, but when they tried them on they were absolutely glowing.  They had both chosen dresses they felt perfectly suited their body types and so they were 100% comfortable in the dresses.  It was when I saw them twirling about in front of the mirror that I realized how important their confidence was to me.  I want them to feel pretty on my wedding day too! Everyone has more fun when they are feeling good about themselves, and I swear you can just tell when a bridesmaid is feeling good as she walks down the aisle!  I decided letting the bridesmaids choose their own dress style would be the best way to help them feel their best!

Once again my mind was totally changed about what I wanted for another aspect of my wedding.  Whether you have matching dresses or mismatched dresses is totally up to you, but keep an open mind and talk about it with your bridesmaids! You certainly don’t want to compromise on your vision if you’ve got one, but you also want your bridesmaids to be comfortable on your wedding day!

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